Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Warriors Project: Chaos Ogres and Chimera

Demonic Chaos Ogres

Featuring my future Ogres of Chaos or Demonic Ogres more like it.  These guys were inspired from leftover Demon Prince bits and Old painted Ironguts.  I have used and proxied them in several games and wanted to give the conversion a try.  Demon prince heads and bits had to be ordered just to fill out 6 models; however, these will hopefully look great with demon prince heads, spined backs, large great weapons, blue flame somewhere and the raised cork bases.  Also at the end is a WIP Chimera we'll see what the finished project is like but it shouldn't be to shabby, this is not the typical Chimera btw, the paint job is a little darker.

angled view great weapon ogres x6

6 Chaos Ogres with Great Weapons

Chaos Ogres needing primed, all 6 finished now

View 3 all 6 GW Chaos Ogres - needing primed

Commission Chimera I might buyback.  Need a base and more highlights

WIP painting pictures from my camera phone

above shot of ogres, painting WIP pictures

Another frontal view, The Eye of the Gods Banner is freehanded(poorly)

Frontal angle view of Chaos Ogres

Finished front view of Chaos Ogres

Angled front view finished Chaos Ogres x6
These Ogres are imaged from start to finish and the Chimera is almost touched up and imaged soon.

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