Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chaos Dwarf vs Orcs and Goblins 1600

Starting out I used my second list which is right under this posting. I did end up corner deploying behind a wall and throwing out my tank in the middle and bull centaurs on the right flank.
Turn 1 which CDs went first saw the bull centaurs make a charge on Vanguarding Wolf Riders and winning. Glittering robe getting off with IF and doing a wound to my metal casting general. A enlarged fireball got scrolled which was good because that needs to be pulled out early. The flame cannon destroyed squigs and a mangler! The shriekers did good damage with their templates all games but no units failed panic checks.
Turn 2 Fire ball killed another chariot headed into my corner, flame cannon killed a snotling pump wagon and a shrieker got another direct hit killing 12 goblins, but again all units made panic checks.
Turn 3 after the O&G finally get within range the Goblin Wolf Chariot fails its charge, His mangler rolls 3 1's and dies, and the bull centaurs overrun into the lobba finally after Kevins bolt thrower kills one and I make a panic check. My shooting faze saw another chariot destroyed, orcs dead from shrieker, and squigs dead from a shrieker. My tank also does charge his night goblin unit in the center through fanatics which do 1 wound to the Iron Demon.
The last turns saw the Iron Demon get into the flank of the Orcs but Kevins Great weapon lord can't do enough wounds to kill the tank. The death shrieker one shot kills the doom diver and the bull centaurs reform on the far flank.
It was a good game with practice. The war machines are a good choice but I am left wondering how a hellcannon could perform. However without a big nasty infantry, destroyer, or iron demon to threaten the center I would plainly see everyone marching right up to me...In my original list revision I did drop some wolf riders for more numbers in the CDW and Hobos...but they only ever fought once in this game against the remaing I am left wondering if I should throw more chaff on the flank...

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