Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chaos dwarfs vs. Empire 1600

Well we ended up playing blood and glory and I chose the river corner of course. His empire list had 2 vanguarding cav units, a swordsmen block with 2 5 man detachments of archers, 8 knights with priest and general who has the runefang, a hellblaster and cannon with engineer. I did use the same list and opposite setup(otherside of the board)
Turn 1 my cannon rolled a one and it blew magma everywhere! Damn it. I shot swordsmen every turn with at least 1 shrieker and he made panic checks every turn. I did move the bull centaurs up turn 1 and charge the hellblaster turn 2. His HB got 18 hits on the BCs but only 1 wound. I mopped up the warmachines with them. This is where I think the wolf riders could attract more attention...but we'll see maybe try them out later. Steves cannon rolled a 1 to wound my shrieker O.o whew and then died. turn 2
Turn 3-4 my Iron Demon stood off and shot chaff but I should have surged forward. however I cannot stomp cav and he could of tied me up with several fast cav units or the generals unit of knights. The generals unit turned to face the BCs however and charged them killing them. My iron Demon tried to charge the swordsmen with bowmen in the way and they ran and later rallied. His generals unit reformed and his character with runefang charged out in the last turn of the game killing the iron demon. My khan got in the way of his unit but next time will get in the way of the character...
So my mistake here was not threatening the center with my blocks. I did a ton of damage taking out 5 units of chaff and withering down his 30+ swordsmen down to 10 with warmachines however if I don't get more aggressive with my iron demon it won't pay off. Another tactic may be to hide my khan or join him with the BCs and charge out with him at steve did with his priest and general towards the end of the game...since multiple characters can charge from a regiment. It was a loss though by about 200pts. Making the CDs 3-1 so far in practice. Wins against Empire, Wood Elves, and Orcs and Goblins and one loss to Empire after Steve figured out how to kill my big nasties lol :)

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