Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chaos Dwarfs: Destroyer

Just a few pictures of a converted destroyer. Converted it from an Ultraforge War Demon and used the arms and hands from the GW BloodThirster. The right hand axe is from an old ugly Ogre model. All of the blue flame is green stuff around joints and fur. The head is a combination of the Zombie Dragon head and the skull bit from a Chaos Hellcannon. The tail piece is the whip from the bloodthirster kit also.
This is another picture of my Bale/Bull Taurus with the newly painted rider. He is a classic piece and I still need to glud the chaos shield on his arm.


  1. loved the basing mate. also the rider of the taurus is done beautifully.

    on the other hand, the miniature you used for destroyer is somewhat smaller than how i perceive a destroyer. Also, the wings shouldn't be there but i understand the need to cover up a bigger portion of the base due to the wingspan.

    awesome paint job throughout.

  2. Well in all fareness, I agree, he isn't the size I wanted but I still had the model. He is only pinned and comes off. I am in the process converting up a khorne daemon army for 2013 and This ultraforge model is going to either be the bloodthirster or daemon prince and fit onto a 50mm base(and probly tower over everyone there). He also fits under my rocks in a display board so I couldn't have him to big. I really like some SPAWN characters and another that I can't remember right now though, tho I have seen them both on CD-forums and another 4x6 base already painted..