Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flatcon Tournament Best Sports!

With a thousand point wrap up coming I threw down against some great opponents. Going 2-1 I won against Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos, but consequently lost to Skaven! My list is here;
I took a small block of Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins alongside a death shrieker and hellcannon, plus a level 1 daemonsmith with lore of death and 3 bull centaurs. My first game I had a great turn 1 with all my artillery hitting and then my hellcannon failed its leadership check and lurched forward. I was then counter charged by several skaven units and then followed up being overrun by the skaven warlord who killed my Hellcannon in one round of combat. WoC game 2:
Game 2 was a win versus WoC with my cannon misfiring, eating the crew, and then getting frenzy and hatred and rampaging across the board through his general's unit and a regiment of Warriors of Chaos. Game three saw my bull centaurs tear through 2 blocks of Dwarfs.
Went 2-1 and got best sports out of 8 players!

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