Monday, December 3, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Games!

Well after going 1-2 at RockCon and 3-0 at Merry Mayhem and winning a warmup game for Merry Mayhem. i figured i would throw some pictures out. Still working on the Army for The team Tournament in April at Adepticon in 2013. Here are some pictures and reports from Merry Mayhem.
This game 1 was against a VC player. Playing Dawn Attack and a Black knight bus with 3 characters I was in for an avoidance game. Not knowing what magic items the VC Characters had I pitted my Destroyer against them as a delay tactic and the rest of my right flank charging forward as fast as possible. The tactic worked so did chaff characters against the BK bus. Won by the minimum 100pts and onto round 2.
Game 2 Was against the infamous Kevin Bruins. Ruthless with his sub-obtimal beastmen list and level 1 death mage I felt bad. My first round put wounds on his Mino Character and almost made his largest unit panic off the table. The second round saw that mino character die and the destroyer charge into chaff and eventually around santa's workshop and into his gorgon. This game was tough and Kevin and I skipped to the finish line.
By turn 4-5 I had maneuvered around the building preparing to take charges only to hold and win by almost a landslide....great game wish I didn't take the destroyer at this point....
Game 3 went to Dan Ruud who brought DoC. An all Khorne list basically gave me another free magic pass. I didn't even use the Blood chalice this game and only used it 1-2 turns game 2. I magicked his Blood thirster in 1 round by casting spirit leech, ash storm, and then a DD fire spell at him for 5 wounds total. War machines softened up bloodletters by turn 2 and then blew up turn 3 but the destroyer finished off the bloodletter horde and flesch hounds by turn 5 racing over to help the Chaos Dwarf Warriors(infernal guard) if things got mucky with the other unit. Had a great time and will bring a softer list next time. I thought by the end of it I may have been affecting other scores by bringing what I did.

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