Saturday, December 29, 2012

D&D: Sword of Shannara

An update from RPG Land. A commission piece for family and I wanted to post an update. The following piece is for a Dungeon and Dragons module: Sword of Shannara. The inspiration is from this older module with a picture of a skull castle in a mountain side. All aspects of the mountain were not obviously captured; i.e. the taller mountainsides or the arched entrance, however I had to work with polystyrene I already had and the skull is a light up skull from Halloween decor. The skull was cut in half, the jaw removed then converted into a bridge, glued onto a 18"x24" piece of wood and the skull then magnetized for being removed.
The last image is of the front of the skull removed. I was informed that the inside will be transformed into a multi-level evil fortress in the near future and that the piece was accepted and appreciated.

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