Friday, April 26, 2013

Adepticon 2013 - Overview of Tournaments and my results.

Well back from Adepticon and I had 4 great days of gaming.  Some disappointment in some games but lessons well learned.  I ended up winning Best Overall for the Thursday AM champs with O&G, going 2-1. Then going 1-1-1 with Ogres in the PM tournament.  Friday during the Team Tournament Steve and myself went 1-2 because of some mistakes made but still had fun.  During the championships the Chaos dwarfs bailed on me and opponents were ready.  My first game of the Championships sought my General sucked into the warp and war machines blown up, second game a win versus a panicking O&G army, and then my third round lizardmen redeployed a unit with a Saurus Oldblood and Blade of Realitied my destroyer and Iron Demon into oblivian!  Day 2 of the champs I got a little more relaxed and went 1-1 with an overall record of 2-3.  A couple lessons learned and maybe list changes to come.  Had a good time and got a plaque for the wall!  Then I learned that I got 2nd best sports for the Warhammer Championships, whew.  Thanks again, look, read and enjoy.

Thursdays afternoon Tournament 1,000pt PM Taking Ogre Kingdoms
How You Use it PM 1k Tournament Ogres

Game 2 versus Craig and his Empire PM 1k

Game 3 PM 1k vs. Dark Elves

Awards Thursday Night for 1k AM and PM tournament
Team Tournament Pictures We Took Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins

Game 1 CD and O&G versus HE and Liz.

Game 1 TT the turn 3 we lost out center.

Game 2 Friday TT winning versus HE and Lizardmen
CCGS(Waaaghcast) Ryand and Joe winning at a top Table

Round 3 TT Loss versus Ogres and CD castling in corner
Championship pictures Saturday and Sunday
Game 2 a Black Orc General Versus a Destroyer

Game 4 loss to lizardmen with blade of realities.

Game 5 Sunday 2.4k champs Carmine Dragon blows away my Iron Demon

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