Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hobby update.

Well the next big GT is Midwest Rampage in Peoria, Illinois.   It is a 40 person, 3,000pt tournament with no grand army rules however tough lists are encouraged.  Additionally, there is a table top competition with any willing participant.  The difficulty with this is you must build what your assigned and bring it with you.  My 2013 battleboard has made alot of progress but I still have 3 forests and an Altar of Kaine to make.  Images below.  Otherwise I am working on bases and more Night goblins.  The night goblins are finished and will be posted later once they are glued to the WIP bases
3 forests with removable trees, trees still have to be added.
12 50mmx75mm bases, 20 20mm bases, 4 40mm bases all with cork centers + 20 greenstuffed toadstools primed black

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