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Invasion Kenosha V Battle Report

Battle Report: Invasion Kenosha V

Invasion is a single day 2k WHF tournament hosted in Kenosha, WI, USA.  It is a 30 person Tournament hosted at Rockheads Game and Comics.  John Gaszak of Unstable Dice Podcast ran and TO'd the event.  It included locals and out of state gamers alike.  The event had food, prizes, and drawings that benefited the non-for profit organizations.  Special scenarios, battlefield objective markers and Monster were allowed from Monstrous Arcanum and Storm of Magic.  Here is a run down of my list and games.

My Demonic Warriors:
Demon Prince: Nurgle, Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2 Fire, 18 Nurgle Warriors, 4x5 Chaos Hounds, Chimera, Bale Taurus, 6 Chaos Ogres, and 3 Skull Crushers.
My First Opponent was Ben Cone with Tomb Kings: (win)
2 level 4's Death and Light, Casket, 6 Tomb Chariots, 1 Scorpion, 5 Skeleton Archers, 2 Sphinxs, 10 Archers
This first game was a iffy matchup for Ben, and he knew that going into it.  My deployment started with 4 hounds 2 for each quarter on the line and then heavy deployment on either flank.  I deployed to the left because thats where his casket went on the 5th drop.  My luck started turn 2 when his Generals unit failed a stupidity test(scenario special rule) and moved forward.  This allowed my skullcrushers to charge them turn 3.  Other fights included my chimera into his Casket turn 2, DP into Nechrach Knights, and chaos hounds redirecting the T8 Sphinxs.  We shortly called the game after his general died and units were taking leadership tests.

Deployment game 1

My second opponent was Harshey with Empire (win)

The second game had a very large building in the center with a Battle for the pass type deployment.  I ended up setting up on the opposite corner of his cannons(right) allowing the building to block LoS of my big monsters.  He had 2x3 Demigryph knights, level 4 death, Stank, 20 Greatswords, 30 Halberdiersmen, 30 Swordsmen, and 5 knights with BSB.  The interesting outcome here was a scenario win but a victory points loss.  My Skullcrushers broke through and captured an objective on the opposite end of the board while my Chimera, chaos hounds and Demon Prince got Purple Sunned off the table.  The major objective was not losing the least standards.

Game 3 was against David Witek of GarageHammer (win)
Necro - Level 3 LoV, Vamp - Lvl 2 LoV, Vamp BSB Lvl - 1, 3x30 Zombies, 30 Skeletons, 2 direwolves, 4 blood knights, 2 Spirit Hosts.

My Third Game Versus Dave W. was great fun but very challenging versus his invocation spamming.  It was very difficult to overcome his zombie hordes until later in the game.  I had some issues with it until I got a unit of Skullcrushers around his flank however by that turn 3-4 move it was games end.  Dave kept me at bay long enough for me to receive less victory points because of the Spamming.  Great opponent and Great Game.  I had a great time and ended up winning the pod I was in.  Next Tournament I am planning n going to up North is Merry Mayhem, a post on that in a couple months.

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