Sunday, November 24, 2013

Army Project: Half-Men - The Halfling Army Project: 2014

Half-Men: The Halfling Army Project

With several years of collecting halflings and meddling with army project ideas I am finally pursuing the halflings as a feasible project.  With some ideas behind the scenes on order I am going to try and make cohesive units.  Basic units such as sword and board, archer units, and cavalry units will be worked on.  However, as a humanoid, the halflings, I will use bits and inspiration from empire, Bretonnians, and dwarfs.  The hopeful in me will be to try and use the army as a potential for all three races depending on conversions, base sizes, and themes I incorporate into the army.  These are links and some inspirational pics that I have put below as a starter.  I think as a theme similar to below I will either make each unit its own thematic scene or be themed around farming/food.  As with the other armies I have worked on I will try and add a bit of skulls and raised bases to the little guys to.  Check back at least monthly or I'll post updates at least bi monthly, some progress could be slow depending on how much conversion needs to be done with the models.

This image is taken from the chaos dwarf link below.

Miniature inspiration:

GW Citadel Classics:
This image is taken from a miniatures website, only for example.

Inspirational blogs:

If you know me, I love the giants and ogres integrated with the units, it adds depth and character.

Monstrous cavalry idea maybe, not mine on chaos dwarf site.

Great hand painted banners.

I will have to do a steamtank for the halflings for sure!
I love the 5 sheep riders, hurricanum, and 5 pony riders in the left half of the picture here.

From HH: Halfling Manufacturers

From HH: Good Halfling Resources(browse and look)

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