Saturday, December 28, 2013

Half-Humans: The Halflings


Half-Humans: Halflings

So far I have collected some halflings over the past year and a few are below.  Most of these are this points are pinned and primed but I wanted to post a before picture before these start getting finished soon.  I tried picking up halflings that would match and also give me a variety of troops.  I am still looking for more pony riders, Halfling Spearmen, and Halfling Great weapon troops.     I have a collection of the GW and Battleforge minis with more to come.
Picked up a couple sets of farm animals
Another shot of pinned GW minis in a box Fighting Cocks and 90s Empire Halflings, I have about double this in another box.
Halfling Millitia Sword & Shield x25
Picked up a unit of these guys from battleforge! Sword and Board!
Got a lot of these of ebay, battleforge cavalry yeoman riders.

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