Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Mayhem 2013: Best Painted and featured armies

ODT Gaming Presents:

Merry Mayhem Best Painted Charity Tournament Dec. 14, 2013

Winner: Johnny Hastings and other hobbyists...

Obviously Johnny Hastings brought the Bull Ogres and Won Best Painted along with several Individual Painting Awards, good job.

An Army Wide image of the entire Bull Ogre army
The Scratchbuilt Ironblaster from a Giant Kit with several additional arms and green stuff fur, all over reported 30-100 hrs of work total?!

Army Wide Shot of Dustin Vogels Orcs and goblins, Lots of Conversions and eye catching Board

A Close up of a converted Character, I think a wyvern out of a LOTR Monster

A Spider Hiding in the Rocks
Obviously not painted to a top standard but notice the conversions A-Rock Spiders in the back

Then the Spider unit here all reved up and a spiders's caprice as a unit filler.
A little more work on the painting side and this filler would look good.

Probably the Nurgle Drone Beasts

Jerrod Horstman's DoC Nurgle I suspect!
Big Bloody Greater Daemon I suspect, but its looks to be all Green Stuffed/ converted.  Of course that's Epidemus on top!


My very own WoC Monster army!

Saw this Dwarf Army, Kevin Fleming, and out of no where this cave/mountain stronghold fort stood out! Very impressive it has a scratch built rear hill section and GW Walls and fortifications in the front. 

The dwarfs looked to all have some type of stone basing, very cool.

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