Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Mayhem 2013: Battle Report

ODT Gaming Presents

Merry Mayhem 2013 Battle Report

Charity Tournament

The line before the Tournament Starts, big hall and 40k, hordes going on the other side.

The Start of the Toys for Tots Table at the VFW Hall.

Ben Cone, TO, Getting in my Shot.  I really hate photo bombers.


The Warriors of Chaos I brought level 2 Nurgle with 15 Warriors Halberds/Shld, 4 Chaos Hounds - 2 VG, 4 Nurgle Chaos Ogres-GW, 3 DOs-GW, 3 SkullCrushers-Lances, 2 units of 5 Trolls +HW, unkillable BSB on Steed

Round 1 Ogres, Dan Rustman

Round 1 Opponent Dan who fielded a Ogre Irongut horde, 2 Ironblasters, BSB, Level 4, Level 2 Fire.  I ran my tail off as this was corner deployment/control the center with Fortitude.  I ended up on turn 4 or 5 charging the Ogre horde with skullcrushers in the rear, Infantry in the flank, and Trolls in the Front(he overrun into the Trolls) with 47-50 Attacks I killed the Slaughtermaster in a Challenge with my BSB on Demonic steed and did 20+ wounds overall winning the combat 26-4.  That broke them and I won my first game.
Round 2 Miel V. from WI with Empire
 I have fought Miel before from the Northern state.  He took a Stank, 4 DemiGryphs, Halberd horde, ArchLector, Level 4 Life, Hellblaster and Cannon with Engineer, and a Detachment.  My level 2 got picked off turn 2 and I got trampled after that.  I did kill his supporting units and Demigryphs but that wasn't enough when his 50 man halberd horde got into combat.  His level 4 and Lector got off so many buffs I couldn't compete in combat with any of my units...trolls, bsb, dragon ogres.  He took me piecemeal because when my general died I starting failing stupidity checks and my infantry unit couldn't take 10-15 shots from the hellblaster either.
Quintin, Round 3, I believe with WoC
 Quintin was full of Energy during our game and I was winding down honestly.  I just wanted a fun game and this turned out interesting.  His Chimera and chariot Charged my Trolls behind a wall turn 2, and I held.  I then counter charged his nurgle Chariot with Dragon ogres in the Flank and Chaos ogres in the Front and it took me 2 turns to grind him down in combat.  Meanwhile his hellcannon ran across to table and rear charged my Dragon Ogres.  I lost combats and started running.  Another Loss. 

I ended the Day in the middle of the pack going 1-2, but won 2 auction lots in the charity raffle great day.
Best Overall Winner Andrew Karolus!, Unstable dice Podcast.
Can't wait to see what 2014 holds!  Happy New Year!


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