Sunday, January 19, 2014

Year End Review: 2013

Year End Review

Battle Report Summary

Overall The breakdown is I got to play around with 4 races in 2013, Chaos Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms, and Orcs and Goblins). In all the armies and placed high in at least one of the tournament.   I got to Play at Capital City Games in Springfield, Illinois, Midwest Rampage in Peoria, Illinois, Gryfalias Aerie in Bloomington, Illinois, Invasion of Kenosha in Kenosha Wisconsin, Merry Mayhem in Madison, Wisconsin, and Adepticon in Chicago, Illinois.  Of those I got to go to 9 Tournaments out of a possible 12(1 per month) and  totaled 31 tournament games.  I did manage a couple awards Best Overall at a Adepticon, Best Painted at Midwest Rampage, and a Pod winner at Invasion Kenosha.  I did manage to get more games in overall though in years past.

I totaled 81 games during the course of the year.  Point ranges from 1,000 pts to 3,000 pts for tournament and friendly games.  My W/T/L was(as pictured above) was Chaos Dwarfs went 14/7/1, Warriors of Chaos 21/11/0, Ogre Kingdoms 3/1/1 and Orcs and Goblins 7/2/2.  You can figure the math but games were about split. 

My hope next year is to try and attend some of Adepticon, Midwest Rampage, Blood in the Sun, and Merry Mayhem.  Between all the chaos we'll organize local events at the Game Store and other local events as much as possible.  Remember its always Over Da Top!

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