Saturday, August 30, 2014

Night Goblins and Squig Gobba!

Squig Gobba

Got my hands on a squig gobba and couldn't pass it up.  So I have hand made several mushrooms and started off with a raised cork base.  The gobba has a split skin tone and 2-3 layers of highlights with 3 layers of washes.
Another one of my summer projects and a few more to throw in.  Picked up a Colossal Squig and another pair of Mangler Squigs - Can't wait to put together and paint but first comes a commission display board i'll post in a few weeks.

The spit is actually covered and layered with the GW specialty ooze paint in several layers.  Looks good enough to be a snotty spit to me.

Started and finished another 80+ BFSP night goblins bringing my horde numbers above 250+

Up close they each have raised bases and 2 layers of paint plus 1 highlight

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