Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Project: War Mammoth, Slaughterbrute, and Lamassu

                                   Summer Monsters of 2014

A whole lot of work has gone into the following monsters.  The usual layering, black primer, dark colors, some classic models, big conversions, elaborate bases, and another mcfarlene miniature! Enjoy.



Old fashion Lamassu Side view, purple as a skin tone was spur of the moment and came out fine!

A lot of Green stuffing for the fur had to be used in order to fill gaps on those wings and neck.

A big boy added to the collection, my War Mumak War Mammoth! 

he is on a 4x6 base!

The base is littered with shields, heads, and blood splatters.  Lots of washes and GW specialty Paint used.

a Base coated Mcfarlene Monster

Side view

Base done and all highlights added in

Missing a horn but that's in the box, this guy is ready to kill!

Leaning over the base I used lots of specialty paints and washes all over this.

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