Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hobby Update through Jan of 2015

This is a very brief post and update for the winter please enjoy a lot more to come with Adepticon 2015 in just 1 week in Chicago, Illinois.

Monstrous Infantry Bases for blight kings, minotaurs,  and chaos ogres for my current Chaos Legion army out of the Glotkin Book.
My finished Blightkings and Nurgle Chaos Ogres 12 total

This is a WiP of a Minotaur Character with a Giant Axe from another Demon Kit.  Then the large left handed axe is from the bloodthirster model I had laying around.

This guy ended up being very top heavy but its almost finished just a little bit of weathering to go!

A rear picture, I didn't do any male anatomical parts, figuring the cheeks are enough.

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