Monday, March 16, 2015

Adepticon 2015 display: Talabheim and The Mountain Stronghold

Warhammer Display: The Mines Beneath the City

May, 2014 I began the dwarf cave construction.  Its 2 16"x20" displays side by side. Each area is cut to fit. An Arachnarok so 4 giant spiders could fit in each of the cave holes.  The bridges fit a 5" Wide unit and the height of the entire board is approx. 24"

This is a close up of the interior of the cave display area.

After much deliberation I decided to make an additional 16x40 above ground castle display for either another Dwarf area or possibly an Empire Army.

I used layers of Foam Board to Stagger the height in a rough outline, filled the gaps with sprayfoam that dried overnight.  I then simply cut out the sprayfoam, gapfiller, to make it level and then started, again, another layer of spackle.  The blocks you see are from HobbyLobby they are a brick building set for Egyptian pyramids.

Warhammer Display: The Fortifications of Talabheim

This is a view of the castle with several layers of spakle, cork lining all areas where troops could fit and sand on some base layers.

A view of the inside of the castle and the mine entrance under the main part of the castle.  I tried to incorporate stairs and several rooms in the castle.

I think I went through 2 cans of spraypaint primer.

Several layers of dirt and grey.  I then use a spray bottle with diluted black paint to achieve a wash effect and let it dry for 2 days before applying more highlights and drybrushing.

The lower Version of the Dwarfs Caves

A all encompassing view

Another view from an angle

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