Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adepticon 2015 How You Use It tournament

Adepticon 2015 HYUI AM and PM events:

This is the Full Display in the AM HYUI tournament
Won Tournament Choice Best Appearance in both the AM and PM events, thanks for the votes!
Close-up of Castle Entrance

This Castle is a mock up of a small castle of Talabheim.  The halflings have come to the rescue as the castle is being assaulted by the onslaught of Nurgle Demons and Epidemus.  The Halflings have turned to Nagash and used the Lore of Undeath, his summoned units are below.  My Empire list consisted of a level 4 of Undeath, 2 Cannons, 2 units of 5 knights one of which is an inner Circle and 1 unit of 3 Cardinal, Demi Gryph, Knights.  The Empire went 2-1 losing to a Legion of chaos list and blowing their own cannons up game one and onto winning the last two games... karma.  I did have a fun game versus Chris from Canhammer and can now put a face with the name.
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Inside the Courtyard of Talabheim
The lower portion of my castle resembles a cave, the Lore of Undeath units have Risen!  Now the Risen Undeath arise.

This is a picture later in the day of my Legion of Chaos army on display during the PM HYUI event.

A frontal picture of the Legion of Chaos

 My Legion List with Lore of Undeath did ok, but went 1-1-1.  I took 1 level 3 with a herdstone, 1 unit of horrors, a Mino Hero with Blackshard Armor, 3 Trolls, 1 Chaos Chariot, and 1 SkullCannon.  Again my list did ok, but it didn't min or max out in any category.

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