Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Warhammer 40k Armies

Adepticon 40k Sat./Sunday Team event

This is a quick run through I did in order to get a couple quick snapshops of the largest displays on display in the morning at Acon before players had table assignments.  Below is pictured GMM Studios which always has an outstanding entry and of course usually win best painted in some category.

This cave display had a Ork Mek coming from the central area.  A landing strip on top of the mountain hold all lit up with LED Lights 

Best Painted GMM Studios the display is about 6' tall and all hand scultped from various stuff!

I liked tis huge display with a layed catecomb effect and LED Lighting

This was also a large display featuring a multi-layer inner building for units and vehicles.

This large 3'+ tower had a road built around the central tower that vehicles were put on

Again another multi-layered board with a underground area for more units/drops

This team display was off to the side but had sever videos playing background videos.

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