Monday, March 25, 2013

Iron Daemon and Kdaii Destroyer

Iron Daemon
 So I decided to post my Iron Demon in all its old glory.  This is an ArmorCast 40k Cauldron of Khorne from 1999.  I decided that it is rather big it would suite the role of Chaos Dwarf Tank better than my previous model.  The Tank fits on a chariot base and is as tall as the Destroyers wing, I was pretty happy about it and the standard painting technique for the Chaos Dwarfs worked fine on the model.

Kdaii Destroyer
Rebased my alternative Kdaii Destroyer and thought i would post him again on his new base.  The new display board has a large grey hill above lava and this will be where these two models perch.


  1. Using the cauldron is a magnificent idea. Superb paint job too.

  2. I couldn't let that miniature go to waste. Once I saw it the idea hit me and stayed with me until it got painted up. Thanks.

  3. duuuude... the ID rocks. easily the best i've ever seen. what a beautiful paint job on that. kudos mate.

  4. the paint job before was straight drybrush, pretty awefull. Should have taken before pictures