Sunday, March 10, 2013

Troll Project Trollgers

 Updating my blog post for this weekend and including some Stone and River Trollgers that I have been picking away at in the evenings.  Go ahead and catch up on the other troll project posts to see how these were assembled and converted.  However, I found the pinning of all the joints to be very tasking.  So much so it slowed me down.  The joints were a secondary problem because the models don't line up well at all.  The Stone Trollgers were painted first and old GW paint and washes were used.  These trolls used Fheris Grey, Tallarn Flesh, standard metals, leather, browns and whites for bones.  The key to getting the color depth are several layers and black/brown washes before highlights.  I like to start out very dark and then work my way to brighter colors.  For instance the skin tone was started with Fheris grey, Badab black wash, Geris grey, Devlon mudd, Then fheris grey again before being highlighted up to the flesh tone with gheris grey/ tallarn flesh.  The leather is snakebite leacher, devlon mudd washed, then snakebite reapplied.  A 50/50 mix of snakebite and bleached bone was then applied.  The bone, teeth, and claws was started with khemri brown, Mudd washed, Brown reapplied and then bleach bone and skull white used to highight.  Now onto some movement trays for these guys, not sure to do 2x4 or 3x3....
Painted Stone trollgers.  Angled view.

Painted Stone trollgers.  Front view.
9 Trollgers angled view in 3x3 formation.
x8 Black Primed River Trollgers. Front View.

Angled view 1/2 painted River Trollgers.  The skintone on these trolls is a foundation Chardanite Granit with black, mudd, and ogre flesh used.  Until the Tallarn Flesh and Chardonite granite was used in a 50/50 mix on flesh areas.

Terrible Backlit Trollgers won't do this again.

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