Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Capital City Games 2k Tournament

Round 3 CCGS Tournament
Well traveled an hour down South to an old hangout when I used to be in Springfield, Illinois.  They had the local shop run by Dave running two tournaments in one day, Warhammer fantasy up front and Warmachine in back.

We ran a 3 round, tiered scoring, 2,000pt tournament.  I ended up with a bye in round one because my opponent didn't show up until round 2 so I did some errands.  By round 2 though I was refreshed and faced off against an Ogre list(Slaughtermaster, BSB, 12 Bulls, 12 Ironguts, Stonehorn, Gorger, and 3 Mournfang.  My Chaos Dwarf list was Lvl 4 Hashut(earth rod), BSB(black hammer), lvl 1 metal(Chalice), 20 Chaos Dwarfs, 22 hobgoblins, 2 Rocket launchers,  1 magma cannon, 1 kdaii destroyer, and 3 bull centaurs.  The first couple rounds shooting and magic didn't help a whole lot.  I did a couple wounds here and there but I didn't kill the stonehorn, even with a flank charge from the destroyer.  I did manage to however counter his ironguts with characters by pursuing the stonehorn and flanking that unit for 3 turns.  After turn 3 my hobgoblins delt with a gorger behind the lines, and ash storm held his generals unit until turn 6.  I then flank charged and front charged what was left his bulls Ogres with a character and destroyed them, at that point i was at the high point of a tie.

Game 3 went to my local bud Joe(who runs the waaaghcast.net) he took his skaven with an abomb, 3 clanrat units, a few warmachines, and general on bonebreaker in a rat ogre unit.  Problem with this game is that my dice were on.  My first casting faze saw the level 6 hashut spell over his generals head killing him and several ogres, along with the destroyers 18'' move in front of 5 units.  The following turn he charged with his BSBs unit, Abomb, a ball of death, and another heavily armored rat unit.  within 2 turns of combat the destroyer had taken 4 wounds but killed one unit, the bsb, and his regiment, and was pursing the clan rats.  The shooting was mediocre and magic wasn't that amazing after turn 2.  Joe conceded and that is understandable.

However the question then came up about players deficient knowledge of the Chaos dwarf manual and why I brought all the toys I did.  I have to say I only used the Chalice 1-2 times per game, not every round and tried to explain all the rules, but its alot of information at one time.  Its hard to say if its legitimate to take such a hardcore army to a local event but it is what I want to play.  We may adjust whats in the list or the events its taken to in the future to avoid the social fire-blaze!


  1. Joe pretty much did the exact opposite of what you should do against a K'daii. You don't feed it everything at once. You feed it small stuff and tie it up and redirect it. Rat darts, rat swarms, slaves. It has flaming attacks! Why charge an Abom into it?

    Did you 6 dice the spell on his General?

    I wouldn't even say the book is what made you win, it was opponent error. I find no issue playing against Chaos Dwarfs. It's more popular than a lot of books out there these days. So you can get practice against it as much as you can against other rarely played armies.

  2. Yes he did charge 2 rank and file units into it, his wheel of death(that uses the artillary dice, and the abomb into the flank. I thought at first the abomb had magical attacks but he didn't take that upgrade.

    I believe I threw 5 dice at it and had a few left over to use for another spell, such as Ash Storm.