Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Troll Project

In continuation with the previous post following our dreadfull troll project a few more things have come about. First, snips have been made on the old BFSP trolls allowing new heads and arms to be pinned and glued in place of the old ones.
Second, after instacasting troll heads I have pinned all 18 on the BFSP trolls. Third, I had to ebay some new arms and found them on ebay; subsequently, I only ordered half of what I needed and had to order more which should be here in the coming week. Luckily everything seems to be coming together. However, I am still on the fence about my basing scheme with the new trolls. My original idea was to use lava bases left over from my Chaos Dwarfs so that I can use them in a new Monster Army for Warriors of Chaos Army.
But now I am thinking about doing resin bases to match the Orc and Goblin army I have since been redoing...we'll have to wait and see and get some real pictures on here. Any Advice is welcome so please comment.

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