Saturday, February 9, 2013

Troll Project

The troll project is a series of articles and posts i will be putting together to map out some conversions. The basic idea is to take terribly sculpted trolls from 7th editions Battle For Skull Pass project and convert them into usable current models.
I will be doing this in several steps the first is to collect 18+ trolls for the core of a potential Throgg army for the new Warriors of Chaos book or as a Special choice in the current Orcs and Goblins book. Either way parts from either race will be used. The first step I will trying is below and that is an insta-cast mold of old stone troll heads with which I have several of already.
The problem I am running into with them however is the trimming of the heads and however I hope to solve this by using regular tools such as a dremil tool, exacto knife and then some green stuff.

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