Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tomb King Army Project

army picture

Well here it is, as promised some army pictures of the Tomb Kings at their current owners residence.  Painted the army mainly with old GW colors purple, turquoise and White.  Washes were newer washes such as devlon mudd, badab black, purple/blue wash, and then a reapplication of the base colors.  Additional highlights were put on characters.  Basing is done with basic sand to try and keep all colors together and with the desert theme.  Post Comments, thanks.
 Painted a Casket, 4 characters, 6 Necro Knights, 2 Skull catapults, 10 Skeleton Horse Archers, 1 Character on Skeletal Steed, the tomb scorpions I did not paint, 25 skeleton archers, 4 carions, and the heirotitan was previously painted last year.

Not imaged but painted are 6 chariots, 25-30 Tomb Guard, and a few more characters.
Skeleton Archers and Archer Cavalry


Necro Knights

6-8 Ushabti have been requested so I can only assume this project is not completed, this army as of now can easily reach 2,500-3,000 pts with characters, unit upgrades, and magic items.

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