Sunday, March 24, 2013

WASTE Wars XI: March 23rd 2013

Chaos Dwarf army Lvl 4 Hashut, lvl 1 fire, lvl 1 Metal, 2x23 Hobos, 25 CD Warriors, Hellcannon, Marma Cannon, Death Shrieker, Iron Demon, Destroyer, 3 Bull Centaurs

 With 6 players I think we still had a successful tournament.  This lower than average turnout was because of multiple March Adepticon Primer tournaments being run and a 40k beginner tournament at the bunker in Chicago, Il. Races that shored High Elves, Lizardmen, Orcs and Goblins, Warriors of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, and Brettonians.  Additionally, everyone walked away with a prize or box set surprisingly.  My first round opponent was High Elves.  With an interesting build, Blood and Glory scenario, was a 4 bolt thrower list + 4 Magic user list.  It was a tough fight with my Destroyer ran across the battlefield taking 5 wounds in 5 rounds almost dying but I did make it into combat taking risking life and limb. My artillery shot elf archers all game with no one failing panic checks, and my units charged shadow warriors for 3 rounds. .  Round 2 was against Brets which saw a minor win against them 11-9, in this game of Meeting Engagement I should of Castled in the opposite Corner to buy myself another round or two of shooting - could have made for a better win.  Round 3 imaged below was a hard fought minor loss 8-12 the 3 flyers proved tough but I could of MM one and the other Ashed stormed to avoid round 2 charges.  Won best overall because of a series of close rounds between all opponents, going 2-1.
Round 1 vs. HE Win, Blood and Glory

This fight was also round 1 with a monster style dual slann list versus a close combat build Orcs and Goblins list.
Round 1 Warriors of Chaos 2 Chimera, Nurgle Demon Prince, 2 chariot + 2 warrior build versus Bretonnians.

Round 3 opponent, WoC, CD turn 2, Warriors had 3 flyers, 2 chariots and hounds.

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