Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blargh! Morning Update

Well I have been up to alot. Painting mostly so here we go! I coverted and painted up Rhinox chariots for our Orc and Goblin TT with Ogres. Then rebased, washed, and painted 10 boar boyz for the same purpose. Furthermore, modified and finished a Finecast Mangler, kinda like it. Then I painted up some Trolls(old stone metal) which are coming along nicely though not finished. Finally I converted up several hexwraiths from old Knights Errants that a friend gave me a long time ago, Thanks Paul! Enjoy the picks. Going to Springfield, Illinois for a tournament and sounds like a god turnout so up next will be a battle summary report and info on how the list did, OrcOgres of Course.

Scratch built Rhinox Chariots, stone chariot bases

10 boar boyz recoated and finished tray to
mangler squig, horn added
but view, goblin needs couple more highlights
Hexwraiths x7 jumping over and through a wall piece
HxWraiths converted from old Knights errants not to shabby
Some trolls that need based, everything needs some grass!

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