Saturday, February 18, 2012

TT practice Game

Orcs and Ogres Win! Played a Friday night versus 2 locals and their Acon TT lists. They had Minos x5 with hero, 2 tuskigor chariots, and 20 man gor unit and his teammate had VC with 1 Vamp lord on H
ellsteed, TG, VG with 2 units of 3, and 4 units of dire wolves. We spread out like our normal deployment with my LB and bulls on the right flank and Sabretusks spread out. Steve put both of his chariots on the very far flank and boars/orcs on the left. The right flank was boring with the TG screaming at a chariot and killing it but then getting counterfired by leadbelchers. The bulls charged the VG breaking through but then just casting MM and buffs for the rest of the game. Steve's flank, Left, saw more action with charges, holds, countercharges and crumbling. The TG finally made its way around and rear charged the Orcs with only 26/35 left. Steve held and we reformed making the TG crumble. The other unit of VG fell to trolls who made reg. saves. We avoided the Mino unit(which costed 600+ points) and probly saved me from collapsing the right flank where my main points were. Good practice and Steve and I may alter the list a little bit more, we didn't use the Ring but the extra leadbelcher came in every shooting round. We could be set on the lists for now...maybe a couple more practice games and we'll see.

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