Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Down with the Ogres...

Well it was a sad day at the CCGS tournament last Sat. Not only did I only go 1-2 but our other 2 Bloomington crew did just as bad. We had terrible dice, bad deployments, and no luck when it came to our own circumstances.
My games went as follows: The ogres caved Went 1-2 Game 1 was battleline vs. Ray's Dark elves. It took me 2 turns/ 4 rounds of combat to put 3 wounds on a hydra with 12 ogres and 2 mournfangs. My dice were hitting 30-40% of the time and wounding the same when it should of been 50%. Same trouble against infantry with ManEaters. His dreadlord with Reverse ward save charged my ironblaster and I lost by 1, his charge lol. I lost by about 320 minor to Ray. The only thing I look back at now is putting my BSB in with my 12 ogres so on turn 2 when I charged his Hydra I could have done more wounds to the silly thing. But that would have only made the game a tie. Potentially finishing out 6 turns instead of 4 would have helped to. Game 2 vs. Jeem's DoC. Lost again, dawn attack and this was all deployment. I didn't have but 1 chaff unit on the left flank meanwhile I had 1600 pts on the right. All of his was on his left flank, he proceeded to steem down the middle, building blocked the center and he steamrolled his juggernaut unit and 5x7 deep bloodletters into my Ironguts my characters bailed the turn before 2 and I sacrificed them because I knew it would be over. I only killed abotu 200pts in the game. His flamers didn't get less than average hits ever and he did kill 6/7 leadbelchers and 2 dogs before getting into combat with them. I even backed up to the table edge trying to avoid the hammer units. Got to turn 3 and he had a Major victory, another instance if I would have deployed further back or avoided combat more since players only seemed to be getting in average amounts of turns instead of a full 6. Game 3 won against Kevin's VC. I cornered deployed in a corner deployment scenario. He took a charge against my dog and the dog fled allowing me a triple charge on the 40 skeleton/Vlord/WK BSB. Pop. Then reform after crumble and take counterchargers. This was a quick game and we were just messing around. I was done overthinking and thats why I corner deployed. Alex. G. O&G got Best Overall Tom M. Dwarfs got Best General Ryan G. Ogresgot best Best Sports Dave King Dwarfs got best painted Good time and next we'll be doing Spring Offensive in March and Adepticon in April. Hopefully a better show down the road!

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