Saturday, February 4, 2012

IronBlaster For the Win!

Pictured left is the ironblaster in WiP stage.  Partially painted and I was still deciding on what to put where.
An underside view of the IB as the wiring was being threaded through for the 2-3 LEDs

Painted but not fully.  Partially Assembled base in background. Gnoblars must still be added.

Ironblaster base, 2 foam parts, upper and lower, with standard sand and wood glue.
The finished product, it is brighter but lighting doesn't help the highlights. Soon pics of Ironblaster 

Pretty much complete.  Maybe a few bolts to dot or that gnoblars arms to glue back on but here you go Aconers!


  1. @Chuck - Did you prime grey or are you priming as you go?

  2. I am priming black, all the greys have been worked up to the grey they are in, the base(GW chariot plastic) is adeptus battlegrey, the base is basecoated latex house paint black and then I use a combination of grey and black, final tip highlight is fotress gray

  3. Looks like a clear abuse of the line of sight rules. Gamey. Booo....

  4. lol it can still be played 2 inches from the ground if thats what players want. and you can always see it especially if the opponent has shooting, mm